Borrowing books and other material is free. If  you return them after the due date, you’ll have to pay a fee. The same thing applies if the material you’ve borrowed gets damaged or becomes lost.

Late fees



Adult books, audio books, as well as other media you borrow for more than seven days, periodicals

10 kr/unit and week or part of week

Music CDs, music DVDs, DVD films and short-term loans

10 kr/unit and day

Children’s books and audiobooks

No fee

Invoicing fee

50 kr + compensation for lost or unreturned material

Late fees also apply to extended loans.

If you have paid compensation for a book or other media, you are not entitled to get back your money if the book is later returned.

Reservation fees

Loans from other libraries in Sweden or the other Nordic countries: 20 kr per object

Renewal of library card

Renewing a library card costs 15 kr/library card. This applies to all borrowers, including children.

If a late fee or other fee is not paid right away, it will be recorded on your library card. If the total debt is 100 kr or more, your library card will be suspended until the debt has been paid.

Copies and printing



Black and white A4

2 kr

Black and white A3

4 kr

Colour A4

10 kr

Colour A3

15 kr

Black and white printing

2 kr/A4 page

Copy from another library in the Nordic region

2 kr/copied A4 page

Copy from a library outside of the Nordic region

75 kr/article

Two-sided copies cost the same as two copies.
Printing from the Internet can only be done in black and white
The main library has a colour copier.
Both the main library and the branch libraries have black and white copiers.

Digital copying

Scanning of library material: Base fee 50 kr.
The base fee includes up to 10 photographs as well as delivery in digital form.
Photographs in excess of 10 :10 kr/photograph.



Digital copies

10 kr/page

Delivery in digital form via e-mail

50 kr

Digital printing

Copying list fee + 50 kr

Burn a CD with digital material

50 kr

Note: Due to applicable copyright law rules, not all material can be delivered in digital form.