The Zetterström Library Collection

The Zetterström Library is the oldest book collection in our library, and includes books from the 15th century to 1830. Jämtland’s first libraries features many rare works.

The Zetterström Library was the beginning of our library. In fact, the first library in our county was built thanks to the efforts of one man, Professor Carl Zetterström, who was born on Rödön, and the extensive book collection he bequeathed "to a library for Jämtland" in 1816.
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Today, all older printed works, from the 1th century to 1830, are considered part of the Zetterström Library Collection. In addition to the original collection, there have been later donations.

The library includes books, periodical and pamphlets relating to practically every field. As Zetterström was a professor of medicine at Uppsala University, there is naturally a great deal of medical literature, including vaccinations, which was one of his areas of special interest.
In addition, there is one of Sweden’s largest collection of funeral sermons, the first children’s book in Sweden, manuscripts, several spoils of war and many other rare objects.
You can find most, but not all, of these by searching the catalogue (select Bibliotek: Zetterströmska) and in the Libris database.

These books cannot be lent out, but most of them can be requested and viewed in the library. Please note that special rules apply and that you need to submit your request at least one working day in advance.

In addition, these works are never lent to other libraries, but we can often help residents of Östersund see interesting book pages by photographing them for you. Contact your local library for assistance in requesting these copies, which are ordered as ordinary inter-library loans.

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