Talking books

If you have a reading disability, you are entitled to borrow talking books.

Examples of functional impairments are:

  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Impaired vision
  • Other physical functional impairments such as motor disability and impaired hearing
  • Intellectual disability
  • Neuropsychiatric functional impairment, such as autism, ADHD
  • Temporary reading disability

Legimus website – more about talking books

Talking books sent to your home

If you subscribe to the talking newspaper, Taltidningen, you can also have the books sent directly to your daisy player.


If you are entitled to borrow talking books, you can download them from

Large-print books

If you have a visual impairment but would still like to read books in printed form, there are books with extra-large fonts, which makes reading easier for those with poor or damaged vision.

Easy-to-read books

There are titles that have been modified so as to make them easy to read. Easy-to-read books are books that are easy to read and understand. They are written using simple words. Uncommon words are explained. These books are available on three levels of difficulty.

They can also be suitable to people who are not used to reading or who are in the midst of learning Swedish.

Remedial aids

Close to the talking book section, there is a computer with a magnifying program for persons with reading disability.

There is also a magnifying camera. With the help of this device you will be able to read newspapers, periodical and other printed matter and have to text magnified to the size you prefer.

Daisy and Milestone players can be borrowed for a fairly short time so you can check how this works.

Braille printer

At the municipal service centre in the Municipal Building (Rådhuset), there is a printer that can produce Braille.

Contact the Östersund Municipality Service Centre (kundcenter) in order to get help with Braille printing.
Telephone: 063-14 30 00.


Telephone 063- 14 40 43

Mondays - Thursdays 10:00-12:00

Other times, telephone 063- 14 30 50