New in Sweden

At our library, you can borrow books, read newspapers in various languages, surf on the Internet, and so much more. It’s free to borrow material from the library, but you need a library card.

The library has books in many different languages, easy-to-read books in Swedish, books with parallel text, dictionaries, language courses and books about learning Swedish. If our library doesn’t have books in your language, we can borrow some from the International Library in Stockholm.

Course in driving licence theory for a Swedish driving licence

Are you interested in studying for the driving licence theory test? We have course in simple Swedish with language support in Dari, Farsi, Tigrinya, Arabic and Kurdish. Read more and register on our driving licence theory page.

Studying Swedish

Lexin – on-line dictionary

Lexin – learn words  with the help of pictures and films

Flerspråkig bildordbok (Multilingual picture dictionary that teaches you new words

Digitala spåret  – study Swedish on line

SFI-länkar (Swedish for Immigrants links) Good websites for learning Swedish and getting to know how Swedish society works. Dictionary, news pages and much more. Also in English.

About children’s language development

"Hitta språket!" Find the language is a film for parents about how little children’s language development. The film provides simple, playful and fun examples of what parents can do in everyday life to stimulate their children’s language development. Films and information sheets are available in Swedish, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Farsi and Somali.

About Sweden – in different language and simple Swedish

Information om Sverige  - information about Sweden in many different languages

Book – “Sweden, a pocket guide (available in many languages, and can be downloaded as a PDF file)

Boken ”Om Sverige”  - A book about Sweden in many languages that can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

Är du ny i Sverige?  - (Are you new in Sweden?) information from the Employment Service

Consumer information is different language

The official website of Sweden - Information about Sweden. Available in many different languages

Newspapers and periodicals in languages other than Swedish

You can read foreign daily newspaper on the Internet. Use the Pressreader app to connect your smartphone or tablet to our library’s wireless network and download newspapers.

8 pages – News in simple Swedish

The International Library  This library has books in more than 100 languages. You can search through its catalogue in several languages.

Free e-resources  Children’s books from all over the world and in many languages. You can read them online.  Traditional and more modern stories from all over the world for children and young people, in 21 languages. Easy picture books with English text that can be read aloud in many different languages

Bibblan svarar (the library answers)- in nine different languages You can ask whatever you want in any of nine different languages, and get an answer by e-mail. The languages are Arabic, English, Finnish, French, Farsi, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Good suggestions about apps Språkkraft Läscoach and SVT språkplay are free apps for your mobile phone that help you learn Swedish

Do you need help with computers?


Do you want to practice Swedish?