E-audio books

An e-audio book is a book you can listen to on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Your library card gives you access to all of the library’s e-audio books, and you can borrow them for free.

E-audio books in English

E-audio books in Arabic

Biblio - an app for listening to e-audio books

Now you can download and listen to e-audio books from the Östersund Library using the Biblio app.

Biblio makes it easier to listen to audio books on your mobile phone. You can have your audio book streamed when you’re connected to the Internet, or download it to your unit.

You can choose whether you want to search for e-audio books with the app or on the library’s website, ostersundsbibliotek.se. When you borrow an e-audio book from the library’s website, the app will open automatically when you want to listen to it.

You can access your borrowed book with the app or via Mina sidor (my pages) at ostersundsbibliotek.se.

How to use the app.

  1. Log on to Mina sidor on the library’s website, www.ostersundsbibliotek.se. This will activate the function that enables you to borrow e-audio books.
  2. Get the Biblio app for your iOS or Android unit. Biblio requires Android 5.0 or later, and iOS 10.3 or later
    Get Biblio from the App Store for iPhone or iPad
    Get Biblio in Google Play for Android

  3. Open the app and select "Östersunds bibliotek" in the drop-down menu.
  4. Log on with your library card number and your PIN code.

When you find a book you want to borrow, just click the Låna (Borrow) button and then the Play button.

The player program automatically remembers where you were in the book when you stopped listening by pausing or closing the program.

You can borrow a maximum of two e-audio books per week.

It is not possible to return an e-audio book in order to borrow another one instead.

FAQs about e-audiobooks