Computers and the Internet

At our libraries you can reserve time on computers that are connected to the Internet by using your library card and PIN code. The libraries also has a wi-fi network.

The main library has four computers you can reserve, all connected to the Internet. In addition, there are four more that cannot be reserved but can be used for a maximum of 15 minutes on a first come, first served basis. We call them ”drop-in computers.”

You log on with your library card and PIN code.

The computers are also equipped with Libre Office software and USB ports.

If you are just visiting, contact the information desk to obtain temporary log on information.

Reserving our computers is free of charge.

Printing on paper costs 2 kr per black and white A4 page.
It is only possible to print in black and white.
Double-sided printing costs the same as two A4 pages.
You can print out files from your own USB memory device.

We also have a wireless network called "Biblioteket". Here, too, you log on using your library card and PIN code. You should note, however, that you cannot print from the wireless network.

Reserve a computer from your home

How do you reserve a computer when you are at the library?

At the local library branches in Brunflo, Torvalla and Lit , there are also computers connected to the Internet that have Libre Office software. You can reserve these with the help of your library card number and PIN Code. They also offer a Wi-fi network, "Biblioteket", and you can do black and white printing.